Mwani Qatar completes relocation to new headquarters

 06 Jul 2017 - 3:03

Mwani Qatar completes relocation to new headquarters
The new headquarters at Hamad Port in Umm Al Houl.

The Peninsula

In line with its strategy aiming at consolidating its position as a leading integrated port and logistics services provider, Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar) announced that it has completed the relocation of all its departments to the new headquarters at Hamad Port in Umm Al Houl. The new headquarters is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will ensure the highest levels of efficiency, safety and customer services, said a statement.
It will support the company's objectives aimed to improve productivity, performance and operations, particularly at Hamad Port- Qatar’s gateway to world trade. Hamad Port is one of the most important ports managed by Mwani Qatar, which also includes Doha Port and Al Ruwais Port.
With these three ports, Mwani Qatar plays a pivotal role in achieving the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030 by supporting economic diversification, domestic market stability and the implementation of the State’s development plans, through ensuring the smooth handling of imports and exports and related supplies for both ongoing and future projects. In addition, Mwani Qatar is promoting the plans aimed at transforming Qatar into a regional trading hub in the region through investing in the infrastructure of ports, modern technology and adopting best practices in its operations. The company’s efforts will help to enhance the non-oil sector contribution in the state’s GDP, trade between Qatar and the world, as well as supporting the competitiveness of local industries, which will make Qatar more flexible in the face of changes in the global economic environment.
Mwani Qatar manages seaports, quays, dry ports, container and other terminals, including cruise and passengers, and provides navigation assistance and pilotage, towage as well as Aids to Navigation (AtoN) in addition to loading and unloading and handling and storage of cargoes in all forms.