Noble International School holds World Thrift Day

 06 Nov 2017 - 10:12

Noble International School  holds World Thrift Day

The Peninsula

“Drop by drop of thrift, could make the Nation lift”

The World Thrift Day is celebrated on October 31 every year throughout the Globe.

World thrift day is commemorated in various forms.

Saving campaigns are controlled in the schools because it is very imperative to indoctrinate this habit in kids ever since the beginning.

The Students of all the 3 campuses of Noble International School conducted a special assembly in which an interactive introduction emphasising the importance of saving the money in every individual’s life and also how wealth in terms of saving will act as a safeguard to face financial crisis was apparently explained.

It was then followed by a mind-boggling “drama come dance” that was out staged in a perfect way , thus, educating the virtues of thrift among the children.

The show on the whole was well-versed and it in turn skilled the children about the merits of thrift and how it can help them in outlook.

Students were also encouraged to use coin container and stash boxes, in an optimistic way thus eventually flashing in them, the well known saying, “Cut your coat according to your height”.