QLA cadets visit Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation

 06 Dec 2016 - 12:52

QLA cadets visit Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation

The Peninsula

Under the umbrella of Pre-University Education (PUE), Qatar Leadership Academy, a QF school, took their grade 10 biology students on a field trip to Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, where they learned about the conservation efforts Qatar is making to save endangered animals. 

This excursion allowed our cadets to make connections between the materials taught in class to real world examples in their own community. They had the opportunity to talk to scientists and learn about what a career in this field may be like, conduct primary research for their own projects, see wildlife that is extinct in the wild, and learn about best practices for the conservation of different animals. “Walking through the bird enclosure was the best part because we got to see all these different birds,” said Hamad Al Kuwari and Talal Al Thani. 

“It was very interesting because I learned so much new stuff about animals, and I got to see many different types of animals that I didn’t know existed,” said Yousef Al Amri. 

Janine Lee, Science teacher said: “Our school is a leadership academy, and as educators we are here to facilitate the growth of our students as caring and knowledgeable global citizens. Our hope is that when our cadets graduate from QLA, they are able to become leaders and face challenges with confidence. I organised this trip in order for students to further their knowledge of conservation practices and biodiversity, but I believe their time at Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation Centre taught them an even more important lesson: the dreams and actions of one man can change the world”.