Australian Ambassador joins Qatari Chef Aisha Al Tamimi in cooking event

 06 Dec 2017 - 9:01

Australian Ambassador joins Qatari Chef Aisha Al Tamimi in cooking event
Chef Aisha Al Tamimi and Ambassador Dr Axel Wabenhorst during the cooking event.

The Peninsula

The Australian Ambassador to Qatar Dr Axel Wabenhorst recently participated, along with the well-known Qatari Chef Aisha Al Tamimi, in a live cooking event held at The Curve Hotel. 

During the event, most known Qatari dish ‘Al Machboos’ was prepared as a means to introduce the audience to the Qatari cuisine legacy, habits and cherished culture, in a magnificent occasion to highlight the authenticity of the Qatari society. 

Held on the open roof terrace by the pool at the hotel, the event was attended by a number of ambassadors, media professionals, journalists and food bloggers, who joined Chef Aisha’s live event, as she was preparing the most delicious Qatari delicacies. 

Commenting on the event, Wabenhorst said: “I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about Qatari food from one of Qatar’s best chefs, Aisha Al Tamimi. One of the best ways of getting to know a country is through its food.”

“Through cooperating with Chef Aisha, I will learn the skill of cooking Qatari food, having already mastered eating Qatari food. The ability to cook Qatari food will remain with me during my time in Qatar and afterwards, creating a lasting memory of my posting.”

On the sidelines, Acting Hotels Group General Manager Wael El Telbany said: “It is a good opportunity to showcase the captivating Qatari culinary and art of gastronomy people of Qatar enjoy. The Curve Hotel, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary, has always been keen to serve as a cultural bridge between the people through organising such big event.”

“The Hotel spares no effort to highlight the authenticity of the Qatari society and its original characteristics and cuisine, which reflect the society’s diversity and openness to the world. Not to mention Qatar’s exceptional qualities of hospitality, and amazing spirit of coexistence”. 

It is worth mentioning that The Curve Hotel, which is managed by Ezdan Hotels, opened at the end of last year, is over a strategic location overlooking the charming Arabian Gulf. The Hotel name was inspired by its uniquely curved architectural design, similar to the Doha Corniche. 

Boasting up to 600 serviced apartments of different areas, the hotel features also a swimming pool, a gym for men and women in addition to more comfy recreational facilities for the convenience and wellbeing of all guests. 

In the same context, the Curve Hotel has organised, during one year of its inception, a number of diverse events to reinforce its role in community responsibility arena, mainly on matters such as safety and health. The hotel is keen to involve all its staff and encourage its guests to participate in these initiatives to promote the community, spreading awareness and calling for humanitarian and charitable actions.