Defence Ministry takes part in Darb EI Saai events

 06 Dec 2017 - 8:21

Defence Ministry takes part in Darb EI Saai events

The Peninsula

The Director of Defence Communication Lt. Col. Nawaf M. AI Thani (pictured)announces the MOD’s participation with a special pavilion for the first time in Darb EI Saai celebrations of the national day.

The pavilion is called “Defence Camp”, and DDC is happy to invite the public to visit the pavilion and participate in a variety of activities. 

All units of the Qatar Armed Forces are participating in the activities, such as live military demonstrations, military band marches, hand combat, parachute landings, and many more activities.

“Defence Camp” will also include old and modem vehicles, and future air and maritime military simulators. In addition to that, the DDC is organising an interactive gallery, where the public can experience the QAF through different scenarios in different rooms and each room dedicated to a certain activity. A replica of the General Headquarters (GHQ) will house a time line of the progress of the QAF from 1948 up to our present day, and a display of antiques several vintage weapons.

Visitors can venture upon special forces exercises, through running the obstacle course.

There are suitable activities for every age group, as well as a photo-booth and a dedicated area for kids under five years old. The “Defence Camp” is fully accessible and compatible with comfort and safety standards for people with special needs.