QRCS’ Warm Winter Campaign to help 200,000

 06 Dec 2017 - 9:06


Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) launched its annual “warm winter” relief campaign under the slogan “giving warmth” which aims to provide winter aid to 200,000 beneficiaries in several countries with a total budget of QR12,250,000. 

QRCS Secretary-General Ali Hassan Al Hammadi said at a press conference that the campaign aims to achieve through donations of good people, not only to provide a means of heating, but to revive the hopes of entire families preparing themselves for a harsh winter, and the preservation of their dignity from the hardship of need and bitterness of deprivation.

He pointed out that the QRCS has been carrying out this campaign every year for the benefit of tens of thousands of families who have resorted or displaced as a result of natural disasters or armed conflicts. He pointed out that the refugees in Syria, Iraq and Yemen in addition to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as the Palestinians at the camps, all do not enjoy this season as much as they suffer from it, and so is the situation in Afghanistan, which is suffering from extreme poverty, and Kyrgyzstan, which is standing on the doors of a bitter winter, all of them waiting for us more than waiting for the winter, which increases their tragedy and compound their suffering.

Al Hammadi noted that QRCS will try, through the targeted amount, to cover the need of the weak and the poor in these countries, and provide warmth, clothing, food and treatment for them.

QRCS Director of Financial Resources and Investment Development Saad Shaheen Al Kaabi said that the campaign is aimed at helping the needy in the face of winter and cold, and those affected by wars and natural disasters inside Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestinian refugees in Lebanese camps.

Al Kaabi called on all sectors of society in Qatar to support the warm winter campaign through any donation method to raise funds. He pointed out that QRCS will organize a number of public events associated with the campaign to inform the public about its projects.

On the warm winter campaign projects 2017-2018, QRCS Director of Disaster Management and International Development Department Ayham Al Sakhani, explained that this year’s campaign involves many projects that QRCS intends to implement in several countries for refugees and displaced people.

He reviewed campaign projects such as those for heating, accommodation and food baskets for displaced people and refugees in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and the pharmaceutical quotas for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.