Qatar Cancer Society unveils electronic collection system

 06 Dec 2017 - 8:41

Qatar Cancer Society unveils electronic collection system
Qatar Cancer Society launched an electronic system to make it easier for the donors to contribute.

The Peninsula

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) has launched an electronic system which contains 21 websites in the country, to make it easier for the donors to contribute. 

It will help to increase donations, which is the most important method which helps patients who are unable to afford their expenses for treatment. Also the new system will support programmes which aims to spread awareness about cancer.

Mariam Al Noaimi, General Manager at QCS said, “Launch of the electronic collection system aims to use the modern technology and help donors and save time and effort.” 

She also stressed the importance of donation to financially and morally support patients and fighting cancer and urged everyone to join hands to raise awareness of the disease and contribute to patient’s treatment.

In addition, some websites have been providing with screens to display awareness videos about cancer and promote early detection, the next period will also include the dissemination of this experiment to all collection sites. she added.

She noted the websites which allows donations several projects licensed by Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities Which is the treatment of cancer patients under license No. 6/2017, and cancer awareness programs under license No. 7/2017. In conjunction with the launch of the electronic collection system, a course was organized to develop the skills of Cancer Awareness Promoters. 

Al Noaimi also said that QCS has placed 526 donation boxes at different location. Also donations could be deposited at Qatar International Islamic Bank, through the following account numbers,
QA72QIIB000000001111263620001 and QA34QIIB000000001111263620006.