Siege nations’ illegal steps grave violation of human rights

 07 Feb 2018 - 10:10

Siege nations’ illegal steps grave violation of human rights
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New York: Qatar has stressed that the illegal measures taken by the siege countries constitute a grave violation of civil, economic and social rights as they have left a negative impact on the lives of thousands of people.

This was stated by Najat Daham Al Abdullah, Director of the Family Affairs Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, in a speech, before the 56th session of the Commission for Social Development on item 3 (b) entitled “Review of United Nations plans and programs of action relating to situation of social groups”.

She said that while Qatar devotes efforts to implementing plans and programmes for the success of social development process at the national level and working in a spirit of cooperation and coordination with national and international institutions to achieve the goals of the United Nations Plan for Sustainable Development 2030, the State’s policy in this area faces a serious challenge as a result of the siege and the illegal measures against Qatar since June 5, 2017.  

“These measures constitute a grave violation of civil, economic and social rights, including the prohibition of the entry of Qatari nationals into the countries that imposed such measures, and to prevent their nationals from travelling to or residing in Qatar.”

She said that these unilateral measures have negatively affected the lives of thousands of women, children and men. “These measures have cut off family ties, deprived hundreds of Qatari students of their right to continue their education at universities, the right to work has also been affected for many of the citizens of the siege countries  working in Qatar who were forced to return home, and other rights and freedoms such as freedom of ownership and freedom of movement.”

She said that despite the negative economic impact of the blockade, the government of Qatar has rushed from the beginning to take comprehensive measures to mitigate the humanitarian and social impact of these unilateral measures. 

Najat Al Abdullah  added that the attention of the Commission for Social Development to the eradication of poverty reflects the international community’s determination to achieve this goal, which is a fundamental pillar of the goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan.  

She said that Qatar has been achieving this goal from an early stage which is reflected in Qatar Vision 2030 adopted in 2008, which reflects the vision of the leadership of the State in line with the Plan of Sustainable Development 2030, adopted in 2015, in terms of goals, visions and mechanisms.

She said  that in the light of the role that young people could play in society, the State paid special attention to them and made continuous efforts to promote their important role in the development and to provide them with an environment conducive to creativity and innovation, by investing in their abilities through excellent education and training programs. 

She referred to the establishment of the Youth Advisory Committee in 2017, which aims to promote a culture of dialogue and participation among young people and enable them to express their views and aspirations and activate their leadership and creative skills. 

She stressed that the State cooperates with the civil society organisations on youth, including the Silatech Foundation, which was  founded in 2008, a social institution that supports activities aimed at creating employment opportunities and allowing young people in the Arab world to participate and engage in economic and social development. 

The promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities is a matter of great concern in Qatar, one of the first countries to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008. She pointed out that Qatar is one of the leading countries in the field of integrating persons with disabilities in society, both in the education and healthcare system and the labour market in the public and private sectors as well as in the field of sports through organising competitions for persons with disabilities and encouraging their participation in sports activities including World Cup 2022.

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