Blue Salon to celebrate Garangao

 07 Jun 2017 - 11:50

Blue Salon to celebrate Garangao

The Peninsula

Aimed to delight children and entertain their families, Blue Salon is set to celebrate Garangao with them through a series of special events, that will take place on 12, 13, 14 and 15 of Ramadan.  

The festivities start with an exciting and enjoyable trip, around Doha, for the children and their families in Doha Tourist Bus. It will allow them to bask in the magical atmosphere of Ramadan and enjoy a unique and distinctive Garangao experience where the country’s heritage takes centre-stage. 

The enchanting Garangao experience will offer the children the chance to participate in various fun activities such as Face painting and henna. Candy, as well as various exciting and valuable toys and gifts, will be distributed amongst the participating children accompanied by their families. The events will be hosted by various lovable, popular cartoon characters that will no doubt create a fun atmosphere, and will keep the children and their families entertained. 

Year after year, Blue Salon continues to take on the initiative of celebrating Garangao by hosting and organising a set of celebratory events that aim to nurture young people’s affinity for reveling in the country’s rich cultural heritage and to create an authentic experience for these children and their families.