MoPH shares knowledge on vaccine management

 07 Nov 2017 - 4:10

The Peninsula

Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) recently organised a training course about vaccine, with the participation of 50 doctors, pharmacists and nurses from various government health facilities as well as a number of private health facilities.
The course is part of the annual training program organized by the National Immunization Program in the Ministry of Public Health to promote and develop the efficiency and quality of immunization services in the country, aiming to develop the knowledge and skills of health workers in provision of vaccination services.
The two-day course included several scientific lectures to train the participants and update their information with the latest scientific and practical developments related to giving vaccines in addition to reviewing the scientific arrangements for proper storage of vaccines to ensure that they are not damaged or lack of effectiveness.
These vaccines are sensitive to external factors such as light or differences in temperature storage, which calls for attention from the very first moment of access to the health facility, and to store it with the recommended methods until the time of treatment, as per the information provided by the Ministry.