Image showing new traffic fines is fake: Qatar Traffic

 07 Dec 2017 - 13:51

Image showing new traffic fines is fake: Qatar Traffic
The fake image showing the new traffic violations

The Peninsula Online

Doha: A fake image showing steep rise in traffic fines is being circulated in social media channels, especially among WhatsApp groups. 
Now Qatar Traffic Department has come out with an alert saying that the image being circulated is fake and asked residents not to believe such forwards being shared on social media regarding new fines for traffic violations. 
The department in a tweet in Arabic mentioned (roughly translates to), "We inform you that, what is currently being discussed in relation to new amendments to traffic violations is incorrect and one should call on the Directorate General of Traffic to obtain information through its official website or accounts in social networking sites."  



A doctored image stating new traffic fines, claiming that it is from Qatar Traffic department, is being shared on social media where exorbitant rates are mentioned for every violation with the highest being QR 10,000 and one month jail term for jumping red signal.  

Another doctored image with the same information includes the MOI logo along with that of the traffic department to make it look authentic.    

Ministry of Interior has repeatedly warned people against spreading rumours without verifying the news. It is always better to check the source of the news or else get in touch with authorities or news organizations using their social media handles to confirm the information.

 Ministry in a tweet few months back had warned action against those found to be spreading false news after many such news were spreading on Whatsapp groups and it was creating panic among residents.

“Rumour mongering and spreading stories from unknown sources will harm others and those involved will be held legally accountable,” MoI tweeted.

Many websites and social media accounts copy information without verifying the authenticity and even after realizing that the information is false, never bothers to clarify it for the readers.