Seminar on renovation of Islamic education in S Asia

 07 Dec 2017 - 8:16

Seminar on renovation of Islamic education in S Asia

The Peninsula

Research Centre for Islamic Legislation and Ethics under Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), a member of Qatar Foundation, and Darul Huda Islamic University, India, member of Federation of Universities in Muslim World, will host an educational seminar on renovation of Islamic education in south Asian countries. The event will take place tomorrow from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at the Conference Hall - College of Islamic Studies at Qatar Foundation.

The seminar will provide attendees with opportunity to enlighten their thoughts on Islamic education reforms and historical transition against the backdrop of traditional methods in India and other south Asian countries. The lectures will be featured with topics including Islamic educational institutions as platform for social reformation, call for renovating Islamic education in south Asian countries and “Darul Huda Islamic University — living model for successful renovated education”. 

Dr Tariq Ramadan, Director, Research Centre of Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CLIE) at HBKU will deliver felicitation note and Dr Mohamed O El Moctar Al Shiqiti will give the keynote address.

Dr Bahauddin Muhammad Nadwi,  (pictured) Vice-Chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University, will be the guest of honour. Dr Saeed Hudawi (Yobe University of Nigeria) and Anwer Ali Mavur (from DHIU, India) and Asfandair Ansari a leading scholar, will be presenters. 

DHIU is a prominent Islamic university based at Kerala in India. The university, which is a member of Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, was established in 1986 and currently it has affiliated institutes all across Kerala and other states in India including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka and Assam. 

Darul Huda University, which has produced hundreds of proficient Islamic scholars aims at empowering the community with scholars versed in Islamic knowledge and modern sciences. The convocation conference of the University will be held from December 22 to 24 at Hidaya Nagar in Malappuram, Kerala.