Eight schools to be opened in next academic year

 08 Feb 2018 - 7:57

Eight schools to be opened in next academic year
Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs Fawzia Abdulaziz Al Khater at the press conference.

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DOHA: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education yesterday announced that eight new schools will be opened in the next academic year.  

Also, efforts are in progress to fill vacancies in new schools and provide them with educational cadres of expertise and competence. The academic year will also witness the opening of Qatar School of Science and Technology on STEM system in September. 

The Qatar School of Science and Technology is a secondary school for boys from the ninth to twelfth grades and its students were selected from preparatory schools’ eighth grade students, who excelled in the subjects of science and mathematics.

The announcement came in a meeting chaired by Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs Fawzia Abdulaziz Al Khater with the principals of middle and high schools on the occasion of the start of the second semester of the academic year and preparation for the next academic year.

Al Khater explained that students who are candidates for Qatar Science and Technology School will be qualified through a programme that includes studying English in the British Council, then improving their performance in science and mathematics and sending them to the United States to visit Thomas Jefferson School as one of the outstanding schools in STEM system.

Director of School Affairs Department at the Ministry, Khalifa Al Durham, said that an electronic system, which will be adopted as a new service for parents and schools and the system will introduce the presence and absence of students on the National Student Information System (NSIS) starting from the second semester. He said the ministry would also activate the service centres raising their number to five centres and would also issue a directory of inquiries concerning the transfer and registration of students and their dissemination to schools.

Director of Teacher Affairs, Ahmed Jumaa Jassimani, said that the administration is working to fill the teaching positions, which remained vacant for various reasons such as the opening of new schools or the resignation of a number of teachers, or reaching retirement age, termination or transfer of the services of some teachers for poor performance and other reasons.

Director of Special Education and Gifted Students Department, Hanadi Al Khater, spoke about a number of developments in the area of competence management and the addition of 13 schools to the existing 50 schools.

Al Khater noted that the registration of students with disabilities, according to the regularization of their procedures is issued annually by the Department of Schools Affairs as well as the completion of the organisation of school support teams.

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