MoI tips to avoid fire accidents

 08 Feb 2018 - 9:14

The Peninsula

DOHA: With the aim of raising awareness among community and minimising fire accidents during the winter as many people use electric heaters or wood and coal for heating purposes which may lead to fire breakout, the Ministry of Interior has issued some safety tips and requirements.

During a purchase of a heater, people should choose one with good quality and make sure the quality of its electrical fittings. 

Also to avoid overloading of the heater than its capacity, said the statement from the Ministry of Interior.

Do not place the heater in the corridors, near quick flammable materials, or at easy reach of the children, and do not leave the heater switched on when you go to sleep, it further says.

During the camping trip, setting the fire inside the tent or the mobile accommodation unit for the purpose of heating is one of the reasons of fire incidents.  

For this reasons, the Ministry of Interior has advised people to not leave the source of fire turned on while sleeping in the tent and the need to take all necessary fire prevention measures.

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