Qatar denies false news about AlJazeera documentary

 08 Feb 2018 - 20:43

Qatar denies false news about AlJazeera documentary
Lulwah Al Khater, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson. Pic: Baher Amin / The Peninsula / file photo

By The Peninsula Online

Doha: Qatar has denied that it has asked Al Jazeera to drop an investigative documentary on Isarael. Lulwah Al Khater, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that on twitter that “Qatar denies the false news about AlJazeera documentary. Given previous demands to shut down the channel, we think that the propaganda machine behind it is trying to make a case for "killing" a credible free venue, rather than a case for Media freedom.”

In another tweet she “reaffirmed Qatar's commitment to create the right conditions for independent media-outlets denying the false news about AlJazeera documentary.”

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Qatar have assured Jewish-American organizations that Al Jazeera’s documentary on the Israel lobby in the United States will not be aired.

In a statement to media she said that “The State of Qatar realises that the significance and constructive role of media is conditioned upon media independence. This is precisely why Qatar's government ensured to create all the right conditions for Qatar-based media outlets to thrive independently and objectively.

“Accordingly, Qatar denies the false news about requesting the Al Jazeera Network to suspend the airing of the documentary that was produced by the latter.”



“We see this news in the context of the blockading countries' tireless attempts to cast scepticism over Qatar's open and progressive model of governance and to make a case for repeating their demand to shut down Al Jazeera. Shutting down Al Jazeera has been an objective of the quartet which owns dozens of media outlets but seems unable to compete with Al Jazeera, in what should be a free market of ideas. It seems like their inability to compete and gain credibility is what is driving these campaigns to defame Qatar and its various positions.”

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