11 tips and tricks to keep you cool in summer

 08 May 2016 - 12:17

11 tips and tricks  to keep you  cool in summer

May, officially the first month of summer, is upon us and the temperatures are already soaring to 40 degree celsius. Qweather predicts hot, very dry climate for Qatar during this time, which means it’s the time when cases of heat exhaustion, dehydration, heat cramps and all heat related illness raise their ugly head. 

Though there’s no escaping the heat here until and unless you are in air-conditioned office or car, there are quite a few tips and tricks that can ensure a smooth passage till temperatures go down again in September.      

1. Drink plenty of water even when not thirsty. According to medical reports, one should drink water before feeling thirsty, especially during summers. There are quite a few traditional and popular methods of managing body temperature which include adding rosewater, barley to your bottled water.  
2. Keep your body temperature low by staying out of sun as much as possible and drinking fresh juices and cold meals such as salads. Avoid alcoholic or sugary drink as they cause you to lose fluids. 
3. Exercise comfortably, even during summers. Just because the temperature is soaring, there is no reason to skip your regular workout session. Switch to exercising during the evening or early morning in short bursts and wear comfortable clothes.     
4. Ample amount of rest during summers is quintessential. If possible, rest for atleast an hour to two, especially during the hottest part of the day. 
5. Take a dip in the pool (if in shaded area) to reduce your body temperature or just fill your bathtub and soak yourself in the cool water and give yourself a lovely sensation of weightlessness. 
6. Opt for lightweight, loose-fitting and porous clothing such as cotton that helps absorb sweat and reduce body temperature.  Also when looking for colours, choose heat-reflecting light colours rather than absorbent dark ones 
7. Include fresh juices with mint and lemon; snack on juicy fruits like watermelon, strawberries and apples; and have lots of vegetable salads with higher water content such as cucumber, iceberg lettuce, celery, spinach, zucchini, etc.          
8. An essential aspect to protect yourself from heat is using the right products or accessories. Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are a must have before heading out that door during the summers. UV rays can cause permanent damage to your skin and other exposed parts. Ensure that you are using a sunscreen with a higher SPF for best protection and be sure to be reapply often on your exposed parts, including neck and ears.
9. Although often you may not feel hungry when it is hot, it is important that you have frequent smaller and light meals which include fruits and salads.  
10. In case your profession requires you to remain outdoors, carrying a cold water spray for a quick refreshing spray to your face. 
11. Signs of dehydration include sleepiness, head ache, dry and sticky mouth, muscle cramps, irritability and confusion, etc. 

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