Minimoon to be visible over Doha tomorrow from 6.16pm

 08 Jun 2017 - 2:02

Minimoon to be visible over Doha tomorrow  from 6.16pm

The Peninsula

According to astronomical calculations, the Moon will reach the full phase tomorrow at 4:10 pm Doha time, and pass through Apogee point at 1:21 am.

The full moon this month will be a Minimoon or 'Pygmy full Moon', and the full phase will occur near Apogee point (outermost point) on its orbit around Earth, according to astronomers.

Residents of Qatar and the Arab region can see the 'Pygmy full moon' with naked eye after it rises over the Doha sky at 6:16pm.

When a full Moon occurs around Apogee, it's called a 'Micromoon', or 'Minimoon' or 'Apogee Moon'. When a full Moon occurs around Perigee, it's called a Supermoon.

Because a Minimoon (Micromoon) is further away, it looks approximately 14% smaller than a normal full moon. In addition, the illuminated area appears 30% smaller, so it might look a little less bright.

A Micromoon (Pygmy Full moon) phenomenon takes place when a full Moon coincides with Apogee (the point in the Moon's orbit farthest from Earth), and it is the opposite of the Supermoon.

A Supermoon occurs when a full Moon coincides with Perigee (the point in the Moon's orbit nearest from Earth).

The Supermoon phenomena took place in November 2016.

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