Al Mubarazi gives his portrait to Katara

 08 Sep 2015 - 18:26

Al Mubarazi gives his portrait to Katara

DOHA: Saudi plastic artist, Abdul Aziz bin Khalil Al Mubarazi Al Shuwaish, presented a portrait done by him to Katara.

The General Manager of the Cultural Village “Katara”, Dr Khaled bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti welcomed the Saudi artist and appreciated the creative and prestigious art he presents, which aims at preserving the Gulf heritage through plastic art.

The Saudi artist appreciated the role of Katara in serving both the Qatari and Gulf heritage. This is the second portrait he gave to Katara.

The Saudi artist and researcher specialises in heritage and has contributed to the documentation of several historical sites, folkloric handicrafts, and folkloric customs in many areas in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council’s states.

His participation was in plastic art galleries and festivals within and outside Saudi Arabia. He has also launched several personal galleries, such as “My Country’s Legacy” and “Our Traditions”. He has many cultural publications, such as Pages from the Heritage, Ad-Derya, Qatar’s Heritage, Kuwait’s Heritage, and The Emirate’s Heritage. This is in addition to chairing the plastic art committee in the National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Al-Janadrya Festival) for five consecutive times.

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