Real estate sector tops cases at Compensation Claims Committee

 08 Nov 2017 - 10:11

Real estate sector tops cases at Compensation Claims Committee
A citizen submitting his complaint at the committee headquarters.

By Sidi Mohamed | The Peninsula

Majority of complaints filed at the Compensation Claims Committee this week are from people who have lost their real estate properties in the siege counties, especially Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Also, some students who were barred from completing their studies in these countries also registered complaints at the headquarters of the Committee situated at the first floor of Al Nakheel Tower.

A source at the Committee said: “Qatar Chamber which receives companies’ complaints has transferred until now more than 300 complaints to the compensation claims committee. Last week it had transferred 30 complaints and the committee studies the files to transfer it to international law firms. The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) has transferred 800 complaints to the committee.

The Committee is still receiving individuals’ complaints from people who are affected by the ongoing blockade on Qatar. The Committee has also received complaints from Airlines and reservation offices.

The legal experts of the Committee also conducted interviews with a number of hotels owners and tourist companies which are affected by the blockade because of most the visitors were coming from the GCC countries.

The companies who have filed their complaints recently to the Committee are companies specialising in organising conferences and events. Statistics says that there are 769 complaints from residents who have lost their properties in siege countries and 1,165 complaints are related to different other issues.

Since it was imposed on Qatar, the siege has violated the rights of people to travel, their right to education, work, and residency and also separated families. Hundreds of shipments for individuals and local companies were seized in the siege countries. More than 22,000 camels and other livestock seized in Saudi Arabia. The Committee until now has archived about 5,000 complaints electronically.