VEXATEC unveils data tracking sportwear

 08 Nov 2017 - 12:24

VEXATEC unveils data tracking sportwear

By Satish Kanady / The Peninsula

The first agility shirt in the world with live data tracking was unveiled in Doha yesterday.

The Senscomp Technologies  shirt is the first smartwear fitness agility tracker system that, apart from trained sports-specific skills, can support, control and monitor specific agility training.

“What started as an ambitious high-tech project over a year ago is ready for the market”, the Swedish company Vexatec’s Chairman Salvatore Gandolfo said yesterday.  

The data will track not just the strength and endurance that count. It will count the changes of direction, movements, which take s place simultaneously in different directions of motion, must be trained accordingly. Conventional activity trackers have so far not been able to record the agility of the athlete, he said.

VEXATEC combines compression clothing with high quality textile sensors, high-end microchips and state-of-the-art software solutions to create the best and most intelligent clothing. In Europe, Switzerland is a leader in the development of technical textiles and smartwear.

The Swiss company has already done intensive tests with professional athletes such as Tommy Haas (tennis), Pascal Wehrlein (Formula 1), Leon Draisaitl (NHL – ice hockey) Torsten Frings and Lothar Matthäus (both soccer) – with quite inspiring results.

The shirt’s 3D-A-CLUSTER collects, saves, calculates and transmits a range of precise live data (electrocardiogram, heart rate variability, breathing rate, body posture, rotational dynamic/gyroscope, physical acceleration (Gforce) and calorie consumption), enabling athletes to accurately evaluate their performance during and after training for optimized results.

 “‘The 3D-A-Cluster’ can measure precise live data every 20 milliseconds and transmits it directly to the mobile device. The total is 50 measurements per second. Current wearable companies have to interpolate or assume information between the measuring time points. VEXATEC, however, is the only company with real life data measuring,” Gandolfo said.

The 3D-A-Cluster records, stores, calculates and transmits athletes’’ measured values including  electrocardiogram, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, posture and body position, rotational dynamics and gyroscope, physical acceleration, calorie consumption and performance feedback.

All of it can be monitored in real-time, e.g. by coaches, using an app for smartphones and tablets. This way, the detailed analysis of the athlete’s movement can be used immediately to adjust his or her individual training.

The program is used as an app on mobile devices or computers. Information  is transmitted directly from 3D-A-CLUSTER via Bluetooth, providing live streaming of the physical state of the athlete.  Multi-data  evaluation and calculations of values such as speed and heart rate are visualized directly to the app.  This allows targeted training by matching the data available personal information.

The shirts have been designed for everyday use and can be washed up to 150 times.