Kashmir Solidarity Day observed

 09 Feb 2018 - 1:43

Kashmir Solidarity Day observed
Shahzad Ahmad, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Qatar, and other dignitaries at the Kashmir Solidarity Day event.

The Peninsula

Doha: Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed on February 5, every year in Pakistan and by Kashmiri nationalists.
Since partition in 1947, Pakistan has given moral, diplomatic and political support to the cause of the Kashmiri people, for their right to self determination, as enshrined in the United Nations resolutions on the issue. The event serves as a reminder to the international community of their obligations to the Kashmiri people. The right to self determination, the right to self expression and the protection of human rights are universal rights accepted in modern society and should be available to all. The world has chosen to ignore the plight of the Kashmiris.
“We ask the world to take note and not forget the plight of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters who are fighting for their basic and fundamental rights,” the Embassy statement said.