QU engages students on smoking cessation

 09 Feb 2018 - 1:57

QU engages students on smoking cessation
Students working in groups at the the annual IPE activity on Smoking Cessation.

The Peninsula

DOHA: Over 90 health care students and faculty from Qatar University (QU) and other institutes engaged in the fourth occurrence of the annual IPE activity on Smoking Cessation.
These institutes included, colleges of Health Sciences (CHS) and Pharmacy (CPH), Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q), University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) and College of North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q).The activity, which was organized by the QU Health Interprofessional Education Committee (IPEC), started with an ice-breaker activity titled “The common ground circle” and aimed to familiarize the students on the concept of inter professional education and how to share the commonalities and differences of their respective academic disciplines and professional backgrounds.
The program agenda started with a welcoming session by CPH Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and QU Health IPEC Chair Dr Alla El-Awaisi. It was followed by a lecture delivered by CPH Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice Dr Ahmed Awaisu, in which he introduced the students on the topic of smoking cessation, motivational interviewing and the importance of collaboration between health care professionals to ensure a healthier society.
The students were also engaged in addressing the issue of smoking cessation through an interactive case. The latter involved answering questions related to a heavy 65-year-old smoker who called paramedics and was admitted to hospital with exacerbation of her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
The students followed the patient from admission to discourage and discussed the contribution each profession brings to the case study and worked together to make a team decision regarding the management of the case.
Second-year CPH student Dhabya Al Khater said: “I have gained an amazing experience during the IPE event. This activity opens new doors to the future where we, all health care providers, work together to benefit and provide centered care to the patient. I hope that we get the chance to participate in this activity every year to learn more and work in collaboration with new health care providers and new cases.”
“The Interprofessional Education event was interesting and helped us understand the importance of collaboration between different health professions, with unique professional roles, to improve patients’ outcomes through patient-centered care, said Second-year Public Health student Aisha Khalid A M Alrumaihi.
Fourth-year WCMQ student Zahra Hejji said: “To assist the patient in all perspectives and clearing out the challenges for a well-balanced health, inter professional collaboration shall exist. Patient will need social support for other non-medical issues for example financial issues, or clarifications on medical needs, or usage of medications, or even diet.
As a doctor, we shall know to whom we shall refer our patient as patients who decide to quit smoking will need this collaboration to help them better get through the struggle that could stop them from being successful quitters.”
UCQ student Rubeena Toufiq said: “I think the IPE event was very beneficial like always. I was very curious about how health care students would collaborate on educating and helping the population in smoking cessation. I have learnt a lot especially about the different methods that could help patients quit smoking adn the event was very informative and actively engaged all the students. I would keep being involved in IPE events because I always learn new things during the event.”
CNA-Q third-year Respiratory Therapy student Jesus (MJ) Lecaros said: “I learned that health care system is a collaboration of different professions that can provide the optimum care/treatment when effective communication and awareness of each other’s role is practiced.”