PHCC urges patients to call 107 for appointment

 09 Apr 2017 - 23:09

PHCC urges patients to call 107 for appointment
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The Peninsula

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has urged patients to call 107 for appointment bookings at the health centres, as it will ensure proper scheduling of patients in order to serve them better.

The PHCC has unified ‘Hayak 107’ for all health centres making it easy for visitors to receive information and schedule appointments. The service is available in five languages.

PHCC has taken efforts to ensure that patients receive timely care by encouraging patients to schedule appointments if they need to visit a health center. Booking an appointment prior to visiting the doctor will ensure that you do not have to commit a part of your busy day waiting to be seen by a doctor when visiting PHCC health centres.

Dr Hanan Al Mujalli, Executive Director of Clinical Affairs at PHCC said, “It’s imperative that we all recognise the benefit of the appointment system, which plays a vital role in the care and treatment we provide to our patients. Providing excellent patient care is our priority at PHCC, we are working hard on delivering a timely service that facilitates the patient’s lifestyles and the technology they use, to provide easy access to the healthcare services.”

“We urge patients to support our efforts by making sure they schedule appointments and attend half an hour prior to appointment time as this will benefit everyone. The unused appointments hinders patients from getting to see their physician in a timely manner,” she said.

In addition, the appointment system also has other beneficial features like automated text message reminders, which the system sends out to patients and booked individuals on a specific date prior to their scheduled appointment. This reduces the number of missed appointments and allows patients to better manage their time.

“The prior appointment system, also help patients not to miss appointments numbers of missed appointments saves valuable resources, ensures appropriate care is provided to other patients and creates a more efficient service for visitors by making the appointment system fit into patient’s lives more easily,” Dr Al Mujalli said.

‘Hayak 107’ was initially launched in five health centres in June 2014 and was expanded to all health centres. In 2016 it was reported that an average of 68,000 calls were received by the call centre monthly.