Qatar gets ready for Garangao festivities

 09 Jun 2017 - 1:49

Qatar gets ready for Garangao festivities

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

Hypermarkets and retail outlets are witnessing rise in demand for Garangao kits and special garments as the popular festival of children is drawing closer.
Garangao will be celebrated with traditional enthusiasm across the country tomorrow (15 Ramadan). Several outlets have stocked up a wide range of Garangao special garments and sweets' packages to celebrate Garangao — a yearly event. From shopping malls, supermarkets to Souqs; in every nook and corner of the country, almost every outlet has stocked quality Garangao baskets and small bags which include variety of eatables such as nuts, sweets, chocolates and chips. Price of each package ranges between QR10 to QR550 depending on the quality and quantity.



Souq Waqif has a huge market for different kind of goods for Garangao. Zuhair, a salesman at Sweet Palace located in Souq Waqif told The Peninsula: “Our shop is filled with Qatari women since the last two days, we have bundle of orders from different families. These families buy everything in bulk to celebrate Garangao. In our shop, there are a variety of gift bags and 9kg packages.”
“A huge gift basket which consists of ten Garangao bags, ancient radio and other eatables is available at QR550. Baskets range from QR550 to as low as QR95, depending on the size. A 9kg package which consists of nuts, sweets, chocolates and chips is worth QR190. This package is ordered in bulk by local customers,” he added.



Adults and children wait for it the whole year to celebrate this special festival that includes singing traditional songs, wearing fancy dresses and collecting treats (nuts and sweets).
“We start the preparations three days before Garangao. We have made several packages for kids. Kids knock on every door after the Taraweeh prayers and will collect goodies in their bags hanging from their necks,” said Maryam, a local customer at Sweet Palace.
“This package that we prepare includes chips of different kinds, sweets, nuts and chocolates. Children sing song in Arabic 'Aatona Allah Yateekum Bait Makkah Wadekum', which promises special blessings from Allah on those who give them treats. Kids will go from house to house in their neighbourhood until late in the night with a sack asking for gifts,” she added.



Malls have set up stalls near their entrances to engage customers to avail the opportunity to buy kits, baskets and garments for Garangao.
The Mall on D-Ring Road has installed a stall for kids and families which includes garments, goody bags, small stylish boxes and huge boxes.
Muhammed, salesman at the Garangao stall, said: “People are mostly buying our triangular shaped goody bag in bulk which comes at at reasonable cost for QR15. Children get excited to see specially designed bags, we have small baskets and cans ranging between QR10 to QR20.”
Various organisations have also lined up a variety of cultural events to mark the occasion. Qatar Youth Hostels (QYH) is hosting a special exhibition which is free of cost and open for everyone (every nationality) at QYH headquarters located in Luqta.
This exhibition includes traditional beverages,Qatari food, henna, antiques, ornaments ,Qatari artwork, games and gifts for children to celebrate the festival.