Qatar Construction Specifications amended

 09 Nov 2017 - 0:11

The Peninsula

Ministry of Municipality and Environment has amended the Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS) allowing uses of recycled construction wastes and local and imported limestone.
The amendment also aims at diversifying the source of import for building materials to meet the growing demand in local market.
The amendments have been made in cooperation with the private and public sectors, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) and the Specifications and Standardization Authority for upgrading the QCS by adopting and applying international standards in order to diversify sources of import materials in a bid to keep pace with industrial developments in building and construction sector, said a release.
The highlights of the amendments include making new mechanisms in contract of designs that allow diversify sources of import for building and construction materials with ensuring the quality according to the international standards.
The amendments also allow use of local and imported limestone in the construction of asphalt pavements, concrete and other construction works.
Recycled materials including construction waste is allowed for filling and using in asphalt and non-asphalt layers if the recycling process follows the rules.
As per the amendments, all type of materials could be imported if they meet the international specifications and the consignment should carry a laboratory certificate specifying the type of the specification applied on imported material.