Oil & gas workshop held for Rufaidah Preparatory School for Girls

 10 May 2017 - 9:45

Oil & gas workshop held for Rufaidah  Preparatory  School for Girls

The Peninsula

A workshop was given to the seventh grade students from Rufaidah Preparatory School for Girls by three young professionals from the Society of Petroleum Engineers-Qatar Section.  Petroleum Engineers: Maryam Al Bishri, Abeer Abuhelaiqa and Mona Jemaishi started by showing the students the personal protective equipment (coverall, gloves, safety boots, goggles and helmet) necessary on the worksite. They then walked the girls through the process of producing oil and gas; from exploration to drilling and production and finally refining and transportation.

The engineers also emphasised the importance of protecting the environment and our role as individuals. Finally, they concluded their presentation by talking about the alternative and renewable energy sources. Various experiments were conducted with the students in the school’s science laboratory. The experiments simplified concepts like fluids’ densities, coring (geological sampling), rock porosity …etc. At the end, the Society of Petroleum Engineers – Qatar Section gave each student an Arabic book titled “What is the Secret Behind the Importance of Oil?” in order to encourage the students to continue learning, reading and researching about the Oil and Gas industry.

The main objectives of the workshop are to encourage students to pursue a career in the oil and gas by relating the subjects they are taught at schools with the industry and to empower young female students to excel in mathematics and science. The workshop started with the science teacher Eman Alshamri’s welcome speech in which she stressed the importance of learning from the experiences of engineering professionals in Qatar. The school’s principal Hissa Al Nasser thanked the guests and thanked the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Qatar for accepting the school’s invitation.