A unique way of expressing solidarity with Qatar

 10 Jul 2017 - 12:27

A unique way of expressing solidarity with Qatar

By Irfan Bukhari / The Peninsula

At a time when the people in Qatar and across the world are expressing solidarity with Qatar, Amro M Al Hamad, a Qatari national, has expressed his loyalty with the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Qatar in a unique way.

He organised an underwater photo shoot wearing diving costumes carrying “Tamim Al Majd” image on his chest and Qatari flag in hands  at Canary Islands.

Amro M Al Hamad


He shared the picture yesterday on his Instagram and Facebook account @amro_al_hamad. Amro Al Hamad is a Qatari racing driver and Middle East Radical Champion for 2013, 2014. He is also a free-diving instructor. Social media users are appreciating his effort terming the shot “stunning”, “superb”, “really epic one”, and all.

Talking to The Peninsula Al Hamad said, “Right after the start of the siege, and by seeing how the government of Qatar has been dealing with the crisis professionally, I wondered how can I express my emotions and send message of gratitude to the leadership. Every year during the free diving camp in Tenerife, we plan for an underwater epic picture and this year the theme was about our nation and Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.”

While sharing picture on his personal social media accounts, he wrote: "Our nation is going through a challenging time so I thought this year's shot should be all about confirming allegiance to Emir and to our country.

The shot was taken by none other than the magician behind the lens @errolputignafreediving above the Meridian wreck that sits around 30 meters deep in Tenerife/Canary Islands."



Another masterpiece by the duo.


Al Hamad said that the feedback and reactions from the people on his effort was amazing. “We first asked close friends for the feedback on the picture and the response was just great then we went ahead making the picture viral on the social media. It's only the positive response which makes us work hard to produce something more unique,” he added.

“I have always been a patriot. In my all previous car-racings, I always carried the State of Qatar logo on my machines as well as on my suits. Everyone from us is nothing but an ambassador for the State once he steps a foot abroad,” he added.

Regarding the photographer, Errol Putigna, he said, "He was an American underwater professional photographer as well as a free-diving instructor in the same agency where he taught free diving - "Fii" – and “the mix of both professions makes him a perfect candidate” for shooting pictures in deep waters with precision and accuracy of an artist.