Qatar Museums hosts ‘Artist in Residence’ exhibition

 12 Jun 2017 - 17:43

Qatar Museums hosts ‘Artist in  Residence’ exhibition
Qatar Museums Chairperson H E Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani at the exhibition.

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

DOHA: Qatar Museums (QM) hosted the second Fire Station ‘Artist in Residence’ exhibition under the title of “Unfolding Creative Methods” and celebrated the accomplishments of second batch of 20 talented artists at Garage Gallery yesterday.

Under the visionary guidance of Qatar Museums’ Chairperson, HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani , who was present during the event, the exhibition will be open until 19 August, and showcases a selection of striking works from each of the artists during their residency.

‘Artist in Residence’ programme, a landmark initiative designed to grow the next generation of artistic talent has opened its End of Residency exhibition, which celebrated the accomplishments of the 20 talented artists that have been in residency at the Fire Station for the past nine months.

The exhibition is on show at the Fire Station’s Garage Gallery, and features works spanning a range of different mediums including art, photography, video, design, painting, poetry and drawings, and incorporates a variety of processes, research and finished outcomes. The exhibition provides artists with a platform where they can showcase their works and skills to the media, the community, fans of art and culture and collectors.

On show as part of the exhibition are works of art by ten Qatari artists in residence, including Abeer Al Kuwari, Hana Al Saadi and Fahad Ahmed Al Obaidly. Abeer Al Kuwari’s works focus on portrait photography and still life, and her work is influenced by Qatar’s heritage and environment.



Hana Al Saadi’s kinetic sculptures allow viewers to admire the simple movements in still objects that we see every day. Fahad Ahmed Al Obaidly is a fashion designer and curator, whose profound love for culture and heritage is his main source of inspiration, which visitors will see translates into his trend setting designs, on show in the exhibition.

Commenting on the exhibition launch, Khalifa Al Obaidli, Director of the Fire Station, said: “I am astounded yet again by the talent, passion and hard work of our 20 artists in residence, who have really raised the bar and produced some beautiful works of art during their nine months in residency. This is our second end of year residency exhibition, and this year has been another huge success. The exhibition clearly highlights just how much our artistic community in Qatar is growing and flourishing, and I look forward to seeing this continue with the next generation of creative individuals in the years to come.”

Talking to The Peninsula Khalifa Al Obaidli, Director of the Fire Station said: "This exhibition is of 20 artists after 9 months of residency. I have been observing their work and style since their first day at Fire Station."

Everyone is unique in its own style and form of showing their art whether it's painting, printing or sculpturing. This year we have a musician, who has developed instrument of 'kanoon'.

Hana Al Sadi, Qatari Artist said: "The sculpture I have made of a woman is named "hmm" and my other piece that is revolving is named as "lala land". The concept behind naming it “lala land” is unique; lala is a metaphor used for happiness but here in Arab culture “la la” means “no, no”. That's the reason my sculpture is wrapped in an abaya and has the ballerina costume on top. The main concept is even if a girl is fully covered she can express her happiness in any form which can be dance as well."

Maryam Faraj Daham Al Suwaidi, another Qatari Artist said: "My piece of art talks about 'global idea' which is on a theory based on unchangeable chain of reactions. Everything we do is a reaction to an action. I am reflecting our life as baby in mother’s womb; I have made five pieces which are connected with shadows. Basically, I have used the baby as a metaphor of an individual and how can environment affect us."

The Fire Station Artist in Residence programme began in September 2015. During the residency, resident artists take their passion to the next level. They move into one of the studios, collaborate with fellow creatives and develop their own technique. They meet curators, benefit from weekly mentoring sessions and meet arts professionals from all over the world, representing Qatar in the international cultural community.

The Fire Station will welcome the next batch of talented creatives in September 2017. 172 applications have been received from creative individuals across the country, eager to become one of the next artists to take part.

The 20 artists that are part of the 2016-2017 ‘Artist in Residence’ programme are: Frances Grane, Fahad al-Obaidly, Lulu al-Musfer, Zoe Hawk, Zach Stensen, Amr Elkafrawy, Richard Blackwell, Hana al-Saadi, Maryam Ahmed, Maryam al-Suwaidi, Mariah Dekkenga, Tanzeela Abbasi, Ahmed al-Jufairi, Maryam al-Semaitt, Nawar al-Mutlaq, Abeer al-Kuwari, Nesma Khodier, Juan Martinez, Maryam al-Homaid, and Titika Stamouli.

Oil and gas exploration and production company Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Ltd. (Oxy Qatar) is the ‘Principal Sponsor’ of QM’s Fire Station Artist in Residence programme.

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