Qatar is doing everything to fight terrorism: Al Qahtani

 12 Jun 2017 - 15:33

Qatar is doing everything to fight terrorism: Al Qahtani
Mutlaq Al Qahtani, Qatar’s Special Envoy on Counterterrorism and Mediation for Settling Conflicts, speaking in an interview on Al Jazeera English.

The Peninsula

Terming the “terror list” issued by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain as “misleading and not credible, Mutlaq Al Qahtani, Qatar’s Special Envoy on Counterterrorism and Mediation for Settling Conflicts has said that everything is being done to fight terrorism.

“Everything is done to fight terrorism. Domestically, we have enacted laws. We have a national committee on terror financing and countering terrorism,” he said in an interview with Al Jazeera English.

“We have also preventive action plan but more importantly we work very hard in tackling causes of terrorism focusing on three issues: preventive diplomacy to solve conflicts among nations using our good offices; try to bring people of different civilizations and faiths to mutual understanding, coexistence and tolerance.”

Al Qahtani said that Qatar was paying much emphasis on employment “because we believe unemployment is one of the root causes of terrorism and violent extremism leading to terrorism.” “We have focused on sixteen countries in the Middle East and we have provided job opportunities for around 400,000 Arab youth, young men and women. We are aiming to reach 2.7 million by 2021,” the Special Envoy said.

He said that Qatar was also working with other 42 countries implementing programs for education for children out of schools. “We are targeting five million children and are aiming to reach 7 million in coming future.”

Regarding President Trump comment, Al Qahtani said: “Relationship between us and our counterparts in treasury, state department and intelligence community are enduring. The cooperation is quite remarkable and the partnership between two countries is quite outstanding.”

“Qatar when comes to hosting like Taliban for instance, this basically (was like) facilitating talks between the Taliban and Americans and the government of Afghanistan. This is because main agenda of our foreign policy is open-door policy to facilitate talks and bring peace to international community,” he added.

To a question, the special envoy said: “We hosted Taliban on request of US government.”

Regarding “terror list”, Al Qahtani said that it was misleading, not credible and not independent. “This is exactly what the UN spokesperson has said. This is not recognised by the UN.”
He said that most of the names in the list were not in Doha. “Some of them (from the list) have never lived in Doha anytime. A limited number like five persons are under our watch list, we have imposed travel ban on them, frozen their accounts and they are under trials by prosecutors.”

Regrading Taliban's office in Doha, he said Qatar hosted the Taliban at the request of the US government and as part of Qatar's "open-door policy, to facilitate talks, to mediate and to bring peace". The special envoy told Al Jazeera Qatar "was facilitating the talks between the Americans, the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan".

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