Selamlique Istanbul launches In Qatar

 12 Jun 2017 - 12:53

Selamlique Istanbul launches In Qatar
Michel Medawar, General Manger of Selamlique Istanbul and other officials cutting the ribbon during the Opening of Selamlique Istanbul in St Regis Doha. (Photo: Baher Amin)

The Peninsula

Doha: Selamlique Istanbul has launched its selection of high quality Turkish coffee, confectionery and accessories products at The St. Regis Doha. Selamlique Istanbul is taking an important step towards expanding the Turkish culture in to the world through its flagship store in Qatar.

Capsule Turkish coffee machine

Selamlique Istanbul sets out with the key mission of making it easier to prepare Turkish coffee, a favorite among Turkish people, and spread it across the world. With this intention, Selamlique has launched the ‘Capsule Turkish Coffee Machine’, marking a new era in the coffee market.

Same taste, anywhere in the world

Selamlique’s Capsule Turkish Coffee Machine enables preparing and drinking Turkish coffee at the same perfect taste anywhere in the world. Selamlique Istanbul preserves the taste of Turkish coffee through capsules offered in different flavors that are always fresh and natural.



Adding an identity to traditional Turkish coffee ritual

Turkish coffee is one of the rare examples of products that have direct links to their origins. With a view in spreading Turkish coffee across the world, Selamlique Istanbul was established in 2009. Preserving the centuries-old serving and drinking ritual of Turkish coffee, Selamlique Istanbul adds a tasteful identity to this traditional ritual that feeds on its original land and appeals to the whole world from its natural flavors used to the coffee cups and containers, and preparing and serving methods.

Offering a perfectly refined combination of tradition and modernity, Selamlique Istanbul has designed single-serving sachet available in seven different flavors: Traditional, Dark Roast, Decaf, Cardamom, Mastic, Chocolate and Cinnamon.

Unique flavours in exclusive designs

As the first brand to produce world-class Turkish coffee, Selamlique Istanbul also manufactures products unique to Turkey in exclusive designs in addition to the coffee blends selection in its factory located in Izmir. Selamlique Istanbul offers a range of exclusively designed coffee cups and Turkish coffee accessories that complement the coffee ritual as well as a fine selection of Turkish delights and confectionary product

Michel Medawar, General Manager of  Selamlique Istanbul in Qatar, said during the event: “We are proud to add such an exclusive and luxurious brand in to our portfolio, targeting people who love coffee and delights. We look forward to opening new boutiques in other prominent locations in the region.”
Today, Selamlique Istanbul operates in 70 stores and over 20 points of sale in 12 countries. Introducing  the ground-breaking  ‘Capsule Turkish Coffee Machine,’  Selamlique Istanbul continues to spread the Turkish coffee across the world.