Blue Salon introduces Diamond Walker shoes

 13 Jun 2017 - 1:32

Blue Salon introduces Diamond Walker shoes
Nabil Abu Issa, Vice-Chairman of Blue Salon, and other dignitaries at the launch of Diamond Walker, a leading Singapore-based shoe brand.

The Peninsula

Blue Salon hosted the unveiling of Diamond Walker, leading Singapore-based shoe brand’s latest bespoke shoe collection. With its high quality products and its unprecedented innovation and commitment to quality throughout the manufacturing process, Diamond Walker has captured the tastes of luxury enthusiasts, celebrities and business leaders from all around the world.
The ceremony was attended by Sheresh Sonny, Ambassador of South Africa to the UAE, Jay S Sohan, Ambassador of Singapore to the UAE, Nabil Abu Issa, Vice-Chairman of Blue Salon, Fawaz Al Idrisi, Executive Chairman of Blue Salon, as well as a number of prominent personalities, fashion enthusiasts and members of the press.
Nabil Abu Issa said: "We are delighted to introduce Diamond Walker, a leader in the field of luxury footwear manufacturing to the high-end retail Qatari market, and we look forward to delivering our customers with an exceptional shopping experience, and a successful partnership between Blue Salon and Abu Issa Holding ahead”.
Victor Lee, CEO of Diamond Walker, mirrored that sentiment, saying, "We are very excited to launch our latest collection at Blue Salon. Diamond Walker aims to become among the biggest international namesake brands in the world of luxury footwear.”