‘Breakfast with Zunira’ provides a platform for women to connect

 13 Oct 2016 - 12:36

‘Breakfast with Zunira’ provides a platform for women to connect
Yezenia Navarro with the host of the show Zunira Malik

By Amna Pervaiz Rao | The Peninsula

Information, awareness and education are the lubricants which move social machines in today’s world. What’s Up Doha, a social media network, is the platform which tells Doha’s residents everything they should know.

The driving force behind the “What’s Up Doha” is Zunira Malik, an enthusiastic expat who conceived the idea last year and soon translated a dream into a vibrant social media platform. Malik was born and raised In Doha therefore has first-hand knowledge and experience of every nook and corner of the city. 

“The overwhelming feeling that I experience while doing my work is itself priceless. The platform I have provided to women in shape of “Breakfast with Zunira” is a cherry on the top as ladies of different nationalities and professions mingle up with one another,” said Zunira while talking to The Peninsula at the shooting of one episode of “Breakfast with Zunira”.

She did all her education here and is now a well-known as founder of the social network of Doha named “What’s Up Doha (WUD)”. She is also the lead host for few WUD segments which are talk-show in format and also hosts her signature programme “Breakfast with Zunira”.

“I love this job. I am privileged to share joy,” said Zunira Malik. WUD is an online glimpse of the original talk shows as well as features shopping guide, entertainment, talent hunt, an inspirational and motivational show “Walk with CEO”, the health and wellness segment “Zumba Fitness” and kitchen experience. Live cooking segment gives a spicy and sweet flavor “What’s Up Doha”. 

WUD talk show has high lightened many famous celebrities: Arafa Al Hamadi- Qatari Female Athlete Runner/Cyclist, Dr. Bilal Philips- Islamic Scholar, Khalifa Haroon- Founder “I love Qatar” and Elesbeth Reis- CEO Global Career Qatar. These talk shows are popular on social media in Qatar.

The “Breakfast with Zunira” shoot that was observed by The Peninsula was done in the presence of Yezenia Navarro (former Miss Mexico) and many more professional ladies and housewives.

Breakfast with Zunira is a unique concept on women empowerment and awareness program through a social gathering. Twelve ladies from various backgrounds are invited through online registration every week which gives self motivation to improve career development.

In addition, the event gives platform to meet Zunira Malik as well. It’s a social gathering where ladies mingle with each other and share their experience and more important make friends. The event includes interesting games, special guest appearance and giveaways. “This gathering gives me a great experience of socialising with different nationalities. Thanks to Zunira who invited me to her segment. I have been awarded as Mrs. Mexico in 2014, Mrs. Universe 2014, Mrs. UN World Ambassador in 2015 and currently Mrs. Mexico Universal 2016/2017. In addition to this I am an actress, model, TV presenter. I have a bakery here, as I love baking,” said Yezenia Navarro while talking to The Peninsula.

She said she had been working on a campaign to raise awareness about violence against women. “It is a woman’s right to be treated as the queen as she is a queen without scars,” said Yezenia, adding make up was never designed to cover up the marks caused by violence; it wasn’t meant to hide the pain or cover up fear. “Makeup was designed to exalt the beauty in a woman and correct small imperfections nothing more while some of us do have scars we need to unite to fight to end the psychological and physical abuse that creates these scars,” she added.

Sana Khan, a blogger, who is also a finance graduate, was there in the group. Imelda Jurasova, owner and creative director of Make-up Studio, was also present. Chiara Hanna a makeup artist and a model, Jeniye Alawadhi a freelancer makeup artist, Smriti PR Executive, Bahja Kirat and Meriam Kirat twin sisters who are Youtubers, Lifestyle bloggers were also present at this segment.