NAMA to host several events at Darb El Saai

 13 Dec 2016 - 12:55

The Peninsula

In the context of bolstering values of loyalty, pride and patriotism and emphasising the Center’s support of the country’s past achievements and its future aspirations, NAMA Center, a member of Qatar Foundation for Social Work, is participating at the 2016 Qatar National Day celebrations at Darb El Saai with a number of festive events and activities that supports SMEs during their effective participation at the celebrations.

Commenting on the special occasion Mariam bint Abdullatif Al Mannai, Director of the Community Services Department, and the Director in charge of running NAMA’s affairs, said: “As we stand together to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our beloved country, starting with the old-time glory of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammad bin Thani’s march to independence and ending with the telltale social and economic prosperity that we all enjoy in Modern Day Qatar, we’re also here to aspire to an even brighter future for ourselves and our children and grandchildren and to join our hands together to build the pathway to realising our dreams one step at a time.”

She added: “This year, we chose Darb El Saai as the perfect platform for such a virtuous cause and we are honoured to present Qatar and its people with a live demonstration of the fruits of our labour and the labour of the wonderful young men and women who took it upon themselves to not standstill and make a better version of themselves for the benefit of their loved ones, their communities and Qatar as a whole. We believe that this is the essence of the Qatar National Day and the vision that our wise leaders have had for our country and its people throughout the years and at NAMA Center, we will save no effort to contribute to the realisation of that vision and the practical contribution to its core values.”

This year, NAMA Center is playing part in the festive activities at Darb El Saai’s ‘SouqWaqif’ pavilion, which will conclude on December 20, through a number of productive projects, developed by Qatari youth, utilising NAMA’s incubation services and National Day Celebration Committee’s support for the 5th consecutive year. As part of the activity, the Center has granted the productive projects’ owners 25 booths to display and market their merchandise.