Magical Festival Village casts spell on visitors

 14 Mar 2017 - 23:57

Magical Festival Village casts spell on visitors
A castle at the Magical Festival Village in Katara.

The Peninsula

Magical Festival Village’s (MFV) international shows have been attracting large crowds drawing in visitors of all ages. The Village has seen an exponential rise in visitor numbers this season, thanks to the numerous shows and entertainment activities.
This year, the Village offers four shows—  “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Aladdin & the Magic Lamp”, and “Snow White”. These shows, which are making their debut in Qatar, are performed by international Performing Arts groups.
The show venue accommodates more than 1,200 spectators who are entertained by the meaningful and interesting content of these plays, with all the elements to wow and attract visitors, especially families and children.
Abdul Aziz Al Mohannadi, General Manager of Ezdan World, the managing company of the Village, said: “This season, we have observed, thanks to Allah, a widespread success and good reputation, since the Village is the largest project for family entertainment, tourism and shopping in Qatar and the region. We have noticed good response from visitors for the new products we are offering, including more than 200 diverse performances and games. Many of them have never been introduced to the Qatari market before”.
Al Mohannadi added that the Village exploits the best weather times of the year — winter and spring. The Village has been set up by a team of international entertainment experts, taking into account diversity and innovation and providing the most fascinating activities and events. These shows carry different messages and serve various purposes, including educational, interactive, shopping and fashion to satisfy all tastes and meet all aspirations. This makes MFV a unique destination among all recreational projects in the region as it enjoys considerable support from Qatar Tourism Authority, thanks to its advantages and services, in addition to coinciding with the Tourism Shopping Festival, which draws tourists to Qatar in large numbers.
MFV was first launched in March 2016. However, this year, the Village kicked off with more shows and games, free art performances of 25 minutes as well as carnivals of 40 minutes. This season brought with it two circus shows and 15 spectacles. Among the games enjoyed most by the public are virtual reality games (VR). There are 29 highly advanced games, which stimulate all the senses to interact with the displayed content. The games hall is spread over 1,500 square metre, allowing visitors to enjoy games of their choice with comfort. The most sought after games are “Space Trip”, “Royal Horses”, “Gyroscope”, “Skyview”, as well as the 60-seat train that roams within the Katara cultural district.
MFV has been built on an area exceeding 50,000 square metre at the cultural village, Katara. The Village houses more than 400 commercial outlets, 357 of which are shopping stores, 20 kiosks, 19 cafes, and 20 restaurants, in addition to 500 chairs and benches. The Village stands out because of its unique architectural design, featuring a charming European countryside style, adorned pathways with multi-coloured backgrounds and sun blockers. Balloons are used to add a festive touch, as well as decorative books and colourful umbrellas, making the space attractive and interesting for visitors.