Delage unveils latest collection of handbags at Blue Salon

 14 May 2017 - 10:39

Delage unveils latest collection of handbags at Blue Salon
Fawaz Idrissi (left), CEO of Blue Salon, and Philippe de Vilmorin, President of Delage, during the launching event of Delage in Blue Salon. Pic: Baher Amin

The Peninsula

Blue Salon, renowned luxury lifestyle retailer, hosted the launch of Delage’s latest handbag collection at a ceremony that was attended by fashion lovers from all over Qatar. Delage is a French luxury goods brand, which captures the essence of style and freedom represented by the prestige of Delage automobiles. Founded in 1905, the brand has always worshiped freedom, emancipation and timeless style, values that have been channelled by its ambassadors such as Josephine Baker.

Louis Delage, founder of the brand, has he decided to associate femininity with cars, knowingly a symbol of masculinity. Delage’s leather goods collection marries exquisite French craftsmanship with Art Deco elegance. The Delage brand name was revived by Philippe Vilmorin. All design and craftsmanship of the cars were kept in mind while designing the handbags and transforming the radiator grill, the wonderful leather seats of Delage leather interiors, and the hardware true design to Art Deco era are all transmitted today through the collection of bags.

The Delage woman is free-spirited yet refined, sophisticated yet vivacious and always elegant. She craves luxury and appreciates good style and high quality craftsmanship.