DPS-MIS concludes World Environment Day celebrations

 14 Jun 2017 - 11:40

DPS-MIS concludes World  Environment Day celebrations

The Peninsula

DPS-Modern Indian School organised a week-long celebrations to coincide with the World Environment Day, recently. 

In a special morning assembly, the junior school students of DPS-MIS presented the idea of the importance of growing trees, saving the environment and keeping the environment clean through a mime. Class Nursery conducted a variety of activities, that included germination activity with cotton and seeds.  The students of the school visited the Floranza Nursery along with teachers and other staff.

They learnt the value of reduce, reuse and recycle by making the best use of waste. The Middle and High school students watched videos on the ever-rising problems affecting the Earth and the importance to protect it.

Students along with the principal planted saplings, thus connecting them with nature.