Rajagiri Public School conducts parliament election

 15 May 2017 - 10:26

Rajagiri Public School conducts parliament election

The Peninsula

Rajagiri Public School Doha conducted election for the  school parliament. Each class had three candidates and all students cast their vote on the election day at a election booth with a booth officer. They took their turn in the queue before the booth and cast their votes with all the formalities. They carried home the indelible mark on their index finger with pride.

The counting was done in each class soon after the voting and the winners were declared by the Principal. The fight was so tight that in one class it was a tie and a re-lectin was ordered. The elected candidates were formally convened in the principal’s chamber and were briefed about the second round of election. Lamis Quisar was elected the School Leader and Arya Perbhakar was elected the Deputy Leader.

The class teachers were the booth officers. The academic administrator and the coordinators were the returning officer and the supervisors. The principal was the election commissioner.