Qatar-US partnership stronger: Foreign Minister

 15 Sep 2017 - 12:27

Qatar-US partnership stronger: Foreign Minister
Foreign Minister H E Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

The Peninsula

Foreign Minister H E Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani described the partnership between the State of Qatar and the United States as very close and strong.

In an interview with Le Luton, Shiekh Mohamed said the two countries work together in the fields of security, counterterrorism, defence and economy. Qatar hosts the largest US air base abroad and the headquarters of the international coalition against the IS. He said that the lesson learned by Qatar from the current unjust siege is to reduce its dependence on its immediate neighbours and openness to many countries in its commercial ties.

“The siege countries accuse us of spreading lies about the telephone conversation that took place between Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and the Saudi Crown Prince, Moahmmed bin Salman, which is unacceptable accusations.”

The Foreign Minister said the crisis was not expected, and there were no indicators as “Saudi Arabia was just a few days before the start of the crisis a very strong ally to Qatar.”

“Everything that happened was to justify the siege imposed on Qatar, and the issue is related to a group of countries whose actions are unpredictable.”

The Foreign Minister said that the GCC agreement is necessary to ensure security of the Gulf, despite the differences on views between these countries on a number of issues.

“They want to put us under guardianship,” he said. “We are a sovereign country. We have the same rights as Saudi Arabia, regardless of the size or strength of our country.”

In response to a question on relations with Iran, he said that Qatar has been defending from the idea of overcoming differences with Iran through dialogue and not confrontation.

On the other hand, he said that the Arab peoples had rebelled against the dictatorships. “We had to move when these dictatorships began to kill their people,” he said, adding that Qatar had tried to help these regimes to carry out some reforms. But when these attempts failed and the dictators began to kill their own people, we had to choose our camp, “he said.” We chose the people. “

He stressed that the peoples of these countries are the ones who ignited the revolutions of the Arab Spring and not Qatar. He added that “these peoples deserve appreciation for this achievement.”

He also pointed out that the peoples of the Arab Spring countries believed in the possibility of reaching peaceful solutions, and there was no terrorism at that time, explaining that the violence started when these peoples were exposed to the brutality of the regimes.

He pointed out that the terrorist organisations benefited from this situation in the strengthening of their forces.
On Qatar’s relations with the Hamas, the Minister said that “the countries that accuse us of supporting what they call a terrorist movement are the same countries that support Hamas.” He pointed out that any assistance to the people of Gaza is welcome.

He said Qatar, along with several countries, had a joint operating room for moderate groups in Syria. “We still believe in the realism of the hopes placed in the Free Syrian Army or the reorganisation of moderate forces,” he said.

He also pointed out that there is an international commitment in this regard, but part of the international community now focuses on the struggle against the organisation / advocate, and no longer speaks about the regime of Bashar Al Assad, which killed more than 500,000 people. He said solving the issue of Idleb is to re-establish the moderate opposition and provide it with more possibilities, adding that it is not supporting the moderate opposition that would allow the Nusra.

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