Rajagiri Public School holds ‘Fresher’s Day’

 16 Apr 2017 - 11:50

Rajagiri Public School holds ‘Fresher’s Day’

The Peninsula

Rajagiri Public School  organised Fresher’s Day on April 9, to officially welcome the newcomers of 2017-18. It was organised separately for juniors and seniors.

The new comers of each class were formally called out and were led to the stage. All of them were given a chance to introduce themselves. They told the student community about their family, old school, their ambition in life and their hobbies.

The principal came on to the stage and officially welcomed them to Rajagiri family with a formal hand shake. The student and staff community gave them a big round of applause as a mark of welcoming them to Rajagiri Public School. It was an official function that helped the newcomers belong to Rajagiri School and become part of the Rajagiri Family. From now on, they are entitled to be called ‘Rajagirians’.