Somalian firms hit by internet outage

 16 Jul 2017 - 23:00


Mogadishu:  A severed marine cable has left Somalia without internet for weeks, triggering losses for businesses, residents said.
Abdi Anshuur, Somalia’s minister for posts and telecommunications, told state radio that internet to the Horn of Africa state went down a month ago after a ship cut an undersea cable connecting it to global data networks. Businesses have had to close or improvise to remain open and university students said their educational courses had been disrupted.
Anshuur said the outage was costing Somalia the equivalent of about $10m in economic output.Somalia’s economy is still picking up slowly after a combined force of the army and an African Union peacekeeping force helped drive Al Shabaab, out of Mogadishu and other strongholds. The internet outage potentially compounds the hardships for most firms.
Mohamed Ahmed Hared, commercial manager of Somali Optical Networks (SOON), a large internet service provider in the country, said his business was losing over a million dollars a day. Hared’s clients had reported a range of crippled services including passport and e-tickets printing and money remittances.