'Prometheus' sequel to be called 'Alien: Covenant'?

 16 Nov 2015 - 12:00

'Prometheus' sequel to be called 'Alien: Covenant'?
Filmmaker Ridley Scott


Los Angeles: Filmmaker Ridley Scott has hinted that the second instalment of the sci-fi thriller "Prometheus" will be called "Alien: Covenant".

Talking about his astronaut movie "The Martian" at the AFI Film Festival, Scott casually mentioned that the "Prometheus" sequel has got a new title. He also slipped some details about the movie, saying that principal photography is slated to begin in February 2016, reports aceshowbiz.com.

“I was going to be doing what will be called 'Alien: Covenant', which starts shooting next February, and we were struggling then with the screenplay there and then there was a phone call, somebody saying, 'Listen, we've got this thing which is completely written called 'Martian,' and I said, 'Huh',” Scott said.

“And I sped read it in an hour and by mid-afternoon, I talked to Fox and said, 'I need to talk to 'Drew (Goddard)...'," he added.

In general, a covenant is an agreement between god and humanity. Some speculated that the new title indicated that the movie would center on the relationship between mankind and the engineers.

Back in September, Scott announced that "Prometheus 2" would be called "Alien: Paradise Lost" because the movie would more directly tie into the "Alien" franchise.

Official release date is yet to be announced, but the "Prometheus" sequel is expected to release in 2017.