Japanese Peace Boat passengers visit Katara

 17 Sep 2015 - 15:27

Japanese Peace Boat passengers visit Katara

DOHA: A delegation of over 200 passengers of Japanese peace boat visited the Cultural village Foundation- Katara on Monday. The visiting delegation, comprised volunteers, NGOs and intellectuals has a tour around the amphitheater and the Drama theatre.

The Peace Boat's 88th Global Voyage departed Yokohama on August 21 and will return to Japan on December 6, sailing for 108 days around the world. This voyage marks Peace Boat's first visit to the ports of Cebu, Dubai, Doha and Belize City.

Tsukagoshi Miyako, a volunteer on board Japanese peace boat, said: “It is really great to visit Doha and get introduced to Katara as one of the most important cultural edifice.”

She explained that the Japanese Peace Boat is a global voyage that comprises NGO’s and peace activists who wants to convey the message of peace and world through this voyage that will take 108 days and roam different ports and destinations.”

The Japanese delegation comprised a 72-year-old Hiroshima bomb survivor who stressed the importance of conveying the message of peace and strengthening the means of coexistence among people worldwide.

The Japanese delegation was presented souvenirs and watched a film about falcons and hunting organized by the Qatar Society of Al Qannas.

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