Qatar are 97 in latest FIFA World Rankings

 17 Oct 2017 - 1:50


Qatar national football team ranked 97th in the world with 360 points, 10th in the Arab world and 12th in Asia, after falling 12 places in the new rankings of the FIFA issued Monday.
Qatar lost 46 points in the new rankings, as they were in 85th place in the previous rankings with 406 points, but their rankings were severely affected after losing the last two qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, as well as losing their friendly match against Curacao 1-2.
Germany remained at the top of the latest FIFA World Rankings with 1631 points, ahead of Brazil with 1619 points, Portugal third with 1446 points, Argentina fourth with 1445 points and Belgium fifth with 1333 points.
Poland (1323), France (1226), Spain (1218) Chile (1173), who failed to qualify for the World Cup Russia, Peru (1160) who finished fifth in the South American qualifiers and qualified for the World Cup play-off, ranked sixth to tenth respectively in the rankings.
On the Arab level, Tunisia topped the standings after jumping three places to 28th place with 834 points, while Egypt fell to second place in the Arab world and maintained their position in the world ranked 30th with 818 points, while Morocco ranked third in the Arab world and 48th internationally with 680 points.
In Asia, Iran remained top of the standings after being ranked 34th in the world with 784 points, ahead of Australia, 43rd in the world with 714 points, and Japan 44th in the world with 711 points.
Mexico ranked top of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF) with 1,060 points, finishing 16th in the world, followed by Costa Rica with 914 points in the 22nd place in the world and then the USA, who failed to qualify for the World Cup with 843 points in the 27th place in the world, Panama, who qualified for the World Cup, came fourth with 670 points in the 49th place internationally, Haiti were fifth with 627 points in the 56th in the world.