Step By Step students complete Culinary Training Program

 17 Oct 2017 - 2:49

Step By Step students complete Culinary Training Program
Thomas Fehlbier, General-Manager of Banana Island Resort, students, parents and guests during the graduation ceremony at the Banana Island Resort Doha yesterday. Pic: Kammutty VP / The Peninsula

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

Step By Step (centre for special needs) held a ceremony of students who completed the Culinary Training Program with Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.
Four students of Step By Step Abid, Iman, Mahdi and Shaad completed their culinary training program with banana island. This culinary program was initiated by Mohammad Taha - Food & Beverage Manager at Banana Island , who encouraged children not only for cooking but also taught them in other areas like handling reception, customer handling, laundry and etc.
During the graduation ceremony Thomas Fehlbier, General manager of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantaram told The Peninsula: “This culinary training program was the first edition as we look forward to organise more training programs for children in future. Step By Step students amazingly understood and showed their best performance. Our aim is to engage the community and give back to the community throughout the year; 365 days. Every day we do something good for the community.We are looking forward to more of such events in future with Step By Step organization.”
The event featured the parents of the students to encourage their hard work, children were given gifts and certificates for four different categories.
Nasreen Sharif, Managing Director at Step By Step said: “It’s the duty of all corporate sector to serve their community, but the love Banana Island has put to give back to the community is remarkable. Entire team of Banana Island Resort has put their love and passion in training our children in a beautiful manner.”  “We thank all the team for putting in a lot of energy and love for making this project a success. Today, we are celebrating the team and hard work of all our four students. Our students have learnt a lot beyond the school walls and they are thoroughly enjoyed their training program as well.” Step By Step shares a vision of leading in special education, making inclusion a reality and mission of holistically addressing the academic, social, emotional needs of students with complex learning difficulties and differences.  To meet the needs of children, while recognising the individuality and uniqueness of every child. Lastly to provide education and therapy to children and young adults with special needs, in a safe environment that nurtures their growth, inspire achievements and maximizes their potential.