Human Ken Doll to play Danish Prince in Bollywood film

 18 Nov 2017 - 13:36

Human Ken Doll to play Danish Prince in Bollywood film
A file photo of Rodrigo Alves. Twitter Image.


New Delhi, Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves says he will be seen as a Danish Prince in a Bollywood film.

The 34-year-old TV personality told "My trip started first in New Delhi where I filmed for three days. The main reason of my trip to India is the Bollywood movie that I am part of. It is a huge production with lots of people involved, and music and dancing."

"I play a Danish Prince who is one of the guests at a royal Indian wedding, which is very lavish and flamboyant. I feel very honoured to be given the chance to be part of such an amazing production and I shall look forward to seeing the end material on the big screens next year when the movie is out."

Of his role as a Danish royal, the Brazilian socialite added: "Growing up, my influences were Disney and I have always wanted to look like a Prince. And now I have the chance to be one and to look like one.

He also travelled to Agra, reports

"It has been now three days that I'm in Jaipur, the pink city. I see cows, pigs and elephants everywhere, this trip has been very cultural."

"I have been learning a few words in Hindi such as 'namaste'. The people are also very friendly and welcoming here. My fasting lasted for seven days and I have lost one stone now. I am fasting for 24 hours and then I eat, then 24 hours fasting again -- and I have been having body therapy to speed up my metabolism."

"Next week I'm back to my live one hour slot in Italy at Domenica Live with Barbara d'Urso where I shall be sharing photos and talking about my amazing experience in India."

Alves has shot to fame in recent years after spending a whopping 400,000 pounds on over 60 cosmetic procedures, earning himself the nickname 'The Human Ken Doll'.