VIS offers comprehensive education

 19 Feb 2017 - 12:30

VIS offers comprehensive education

The Peninsula

The Vision International School (VIS) in Al Wakrah is a separate-gender and college preparatory school offering an American curriculum.  

The school, which is currently in its third year, is committed to preparing students for the 21st century by providing an academic environment in which students learn how to creatively solve problems and to learn independently.  In addition, students learn to express themselves through the fine arts, athletics and a wide range of activities and experiences designed to enrich their lives. 

Currently in its third year of operation, Vision International School is accepting applications for students from PreK to Grade 11, and will enrol its first graduating class of Grade 12 students in 2018/19.  Jay Roy, the new Director of the school, is the former head of two GEMS Education schools in the UAE, relocated to Qatar and joined VIS in August 2016.  He explains, “At Vision International School, we pride ourselves on shaping local leaders and global learners. As part of this mission, we seek to instill a sense of ethics, care and compassion for others through engagement in community service and global citizenship.” 

Indeed, there are a wide range of experiences and programmes on offer at VIS that actively engage students and promote their growth intellectually, physically, aesthetically and socially while developing a depth of character that exhibits empathy, a sense of service, moral courage, and humility.

Some of these experiences and programmes are included in the school’s robust ‘After School Activities’ programme. 

Activities are offered to students beginning in KG1, and encompass a range of activities from arts & crafts and board games to soccer, swimming, Arabic calligraphy and robotics. There are also activities on offer for students to improve their academic abilities through such offerings as math games and English word games. 

Activities are tailored to specific grades, and students have a wide selection to choose from in four sessions of 6 weeks each per year. 

“We offer a very comprehensive ‘After School Activities’ programme, which has proven to be very popular among students and parents”, explains Rachel Nolan, Director of Admissions and Student Affairs. “So far this year, we have offered over 70 different activities to students from KG1 through to grade 10, and we still have one more session to go”. Some of the most popular activities have been healthy cooking (popular with both boys and girls), cup stacking, soccer and dodgeball. 
VIS also prides itself on teaching global citizenship by celebrating the culture and traditions of Qatar and other countries of the world.  By experiencing the world through the eyes of others, and recognsing their similarities and differences, students become more grounded in their own culture, values, and traditions while gaining a broader understanding and appreciation of human diversity.

Prime examples of this are the annual celebration of Qatar National Day in December, and the recent Sports Week celebration which was organised by the Physical Education team to coincide with Qatar National Sports Day.. This year’s Sports Week was celebrated by all students from PreK through to Grade 10. Head of PE, Karl Rydlo, explains “Students participated in numerous indoor and outdoor activities. The main focus was not only on getting students to move around, stay active and exercise but on also on importance of sportsmanship and fair play.”  Despite the challenges raised by Qatar’s weather last week, the students had a wonderful time and were actively involved and engaged with all the sports and games on offer. VIS places a great deal of importance on healthy eating and lifestyle choices, and this is becoming an integral part of the school culture.

VIS aims to spark a passion in students to learn and to become intensely immersed in education as its own reward.