Merkel’s call to resolve Gulf crisis swiftly

 19 Sep 2017 - 12:09

Merkel’s call to resolve Gulf crisis swiftly

The Peninsula

Qatar conflict should be swiftly resolved, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, pushing for an end to the current Gulf diplomatic crisis. All sides, she said, should come together around the negotiating table as soon as possible. 

Germany too would like to help resolve the conflict in line with its values, said Merkel, following a meeting with the Emir of Qatar H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the German Embassy in Doha said in statement released yesterday. 

Speaking at a press conference with HH the Emir, the Chancellor reported that her “extremely frank talks with the Emir” had focused on the situation in the Gulf – the conflict between Qatar and its neighbours. 
HH the Emir had made it clear that the Qatari side is doing all it can to make progress, she added.

It is a matter of concern, she said at a press conference, that “even one hundred days after the conflict erupted, there are still no signs of a solution”. She reported that they had also discussed the situation in Libya and Syria.

In the Qatar crisis, the German government is supporting Kuwait’s efforts to mediate. The Chancellor expressed Germany’s appreciation of American efforts to mediate in this conflict as well.

There is an agreement that it is extremely important to fight terrorism, reported Angela Merkel. The Emir assured her that Qatar too intends to do everything it can to fight Islamist terrorism. The region is facing “enormous challenges”, said the Chancellor, and pointed to Yemen and the current cholera epidemic there.

In view of the German government, all countries in the region must redouble their efforts to halt the funding of terrorism. 

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel visited the Gulf at the beginning of July. During his visit he stated clearly, “ We firmly believe that stopping the financing of terrorist organisations and extremists – no matter by whom or from where – is absolutely essential: with no ifs and buts, and in a practicable and transparent manner. If better mechanisms for this can be developed, then this crisis could even ultimately strengthen our instruments in the fight against terrorism. However, this requires goodwill, de-escalation and a dialogue on all sides.” 

During his visit to the to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, Sigmar Gabriel urged all parties to the conflict to embrace the will to compromise.