Schoolchildren invent cooling vest for labourers

 19 Oct 2016 - 0:56

Schoolchildren invent cooling vest for labourers
Winners of the Mubadara 2016 along with the judges and other officials. Pic: Kammutty VP / The Peninsula

By Huda N V The Peninsula

DOHA:  An innovative vest, designed by a group of school students could help bring relief to hundreds of labourers working in the open sites here. The light weight garment with its solar powered fan produce air current to help reduce heat. 

The project, Friokish, won the award for the best innovative product as part of the recently held Mubadara 2016. Targeting the labourers who work in open sites during the summer, students of Rabaa Al Adwiyah Independent Secondary School for Girls have designed a cooling vest. 

The cooling garment has solar panels which help run small fans attached to the vest, producing air currents to reduce body heat. 

“We designed this dress considering the workers who toil under the sun. There is a major problem of heat and heat related illnesses here, which we aim to overcome using the vest. Our project is similar to a vest and it is light, cooling and you can wear it under your clothes,” Nashwa Fayez, one of the project participants, told The Peninsula. 

“The solar panel on the garment will run the fans there by help cool the body. For now we have designed the vest using a lightweight fabric. However, in the future we plan to make the vest out of any material that can hold water, so we can use the fans to cool water which will in turn help reduce body heat. If we make can use drinking water to fill the vest, workers could also drink cool water, whenever they need,” she said. 

Mubadara 2016 saw students showcasing a diverse range of concepts for start-ups. One such people-friendly concept was Dose, a project by student of Al Kawthar Independent Secondary school for Girls.

“Our project Dose involves a medicine box connected to a phone application that reminds patients about their consumption time,” said Aqila Khatoon, one of the 11 project members.

Students developed a mobile drug reminder application suitable for both android and apple phones. 

The application is connected to the pill box via bluetooth or other channels.

“Users or carers can set medicine timing and other information on the mobile app. When it is time to take the medicine, the app will set off an alarm and lights on the concerned pill compartment will come on. Hence there are less chances of one forgetting to take medicines,” she said.

Students also came up with other people friendly products as WOL, an eye band developed by students from Omar bin Abdulaziz Independent Secondary school for Boys. 

The eye band acts as an alarm to help people with hearing disability to wake up.

They also showcased educational tools as Najah from Qatar University, a platform to bridge gap between tutors and students. Once upon a Time, developed by Al Shaimaa Independent

Secondary School for Girls provides a story telling service to children in public areas like shopping centres, when parents are busy. Other business projects include a few online services and accessory products.

“Students get to face a real world business situation through Mubadara. 

We are impressed and surprised at the quality, hard work and dedication of the students. Everything, including paper work has been done in utmost professional way,” said Fahad Bader, Executive General Manager of International Banking, Commercial Bank, who served as a judge at the event.