Dubai show sheds light on future jewellery trends

 20 Apr 2016 - 0:00

Dubai show sheds light on future jewellery trends

By Fazeena Saleem
It’s no secret that everyone will be amazed looking at gold, gems and pearls, and enjoy a hall  filled with beautiful jewels.  But as with all consumer sectors, the jewellery industry also is not without its challenges, and that’s something taken very seriously at an international show just concluded.
The changing trend in jewels is one big challenge put in front of the industry. At present the consumer has more power and trends keep changing due to many factors. But personalised jewellery, modern-looking pearls and asymmetrical earrings and double rings are among a few new trends likely be seen more in  2017.
Vicenzaoro Dubai (VOD), definitive global jewellery show opened  its doors on Thursday  introducing its visitors to Fiera di Vicenza’s independent think-tank and trend  observatory, Trendvision  Jewellery + Forecasting,  at Dubai World Trade Centre. The show ran for four days.
VOD was  Organised by DV Global Link — a joint-venture between Fiera di Vicenza and the Dubai World Trade Centre.
Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting served a global audience of buyers, retailers, media, businesses and opinion leaders and shares the latest industry trends, consumer profiles and production dynamics, 18 months ahead of the market.
Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting   lead the seminar ‘Product Directions update 2016-17 International Economic Climate’  featuring an overview on the International Jewellery Sector.
Trends that will come evident in the jewellery and luxury goods industries from 2017 indicate coming product directions for the marketplace. For jewellery these include contrasts of strong minimalistic tendencies, as well as opulence and eye-catching styles. Within the understated ‘less is more’ field, edgy and fluid are the stand-out directions, transforming into geometric shapes and patterns, or delicate and organic lines.
Science also reveals to be a strong influence as metallic spheres and pearls play the role of molecules and atoms, whilst a romantic flavour echoing historical themes is expressed in swirly art nouveu-inspired décor and lacy patterns. A ‘Steam-Punk’ inspired edginess of the Post-Digital Era brings back a new interpretation of skulls, cross motifs and armour-like silhouettes.

Paola De Luca, Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting Creative Director and  Forecaster also presented  the ‘Consumer profiles update 2016-17,’ a complete analysis of the primary consumer types and their characteristics, explaining their geographical location and specific styles and preferences.  
“This is the market era of consumer. A digital era has opened and given power to the consumer,” said  De Luca.
“However trends are based on the market whether it’s the Middle East, Europe, or far East, and also on the who is the consumer,” she added.
Yet, giving some samples of the changing trends De Luca said that colour diamonds are taking over the traditional white diamond and people tend to prefer it.
Also lace and  contemporary jewel  designs are becoming more popular with consumers. Then coming from India, long and short earrings and two finger rings are much liked by many, according to De Luca.
Trendvision Jewellery Forecasting, which specialises in decoding consumer attitudes in the jewellery sector through research, has extended its team this year to include several international ‘cool hunters.’ Experts in fashion, accessories and jewellery from all over the world, showcased  products according to trends, mapping the collections of exhibitors at VOD and at the other leading international industry events. Selected material, produced by the think tank team, are  collected and made available in the publications of Trendvision Jewellery Forecasting. With the expertise, information and research of the think tank, VOD offered a panorama of the best in world production, with constant updates on new ideas and on collections that reflect market trends.

Commenting on Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting, CorradoFacco – Managing Director of Fiera di Vicenza and DV Global Link’s Vice-Chairman said:  “We are very pleased to bring Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting to Vicenzaoro Dubai.  Dubai is one of the most dynamic and forward thinking destinations in the world and we are pleased to have the opportunity to  present the latest trends, to share and activate ideas and provide a platform for brands to work together to engage with new and future consumers.”
VOD   showcased everything from gemstones to diamonds and other unique pieces.
Around 400 exhibitors from 25 countries displayed  their products, including some international jewellery brands which has a presence in Doha. India had a huge presence at the show  with 66 exhibitors followed by Italy and Hong Kong. Approximately 6,000 trade visitors were at the show.  
Jewellery industry icons at VOD Dubai too shared their experience with changing consumer choices.
“Many like to have single small jewels. It’s a changing trend in the Middle East region, where many preferred big pieces. There is also a change from the pink  to the yellow gold. Now people like the yellow gold more,” said Illaria Furlotti from  FerrariFirenze  in Italy. They work with local partners in the Doha Jewellery market.
Deepak Nenwani, Customer Relations Manager, at the Dhamani a UAE based retailer for gems and jewels said: “Now days the Italian kind of designs are becoming more popular. Many prefer small and elegant jewels than traditional big ones. Yet some like the big designer jewels. However some Arabs like big designs,” he said.
“There is also a change from white gold to platinum,” he added.

Meanwhile the demand and liking for designer made jewels is a growing interest of jewellery consumers.
“There is a high demand for handmade designer jewels. It takes between 25 to 45 days to make some designs, yet people don’t mind waiting to get it done,” said Dilip Zaveri, of Bhagwati Jewellers from India.
He also said that, “Many like to have jewels with a good selling value.”
VOD designed for the business communities in the jewellery, gold, precious stones and diamond industries. It aimed at  to provide a strategic platform to offer exhibitors new business opportunities and support international and local companies in light of the current global market conditions  This is supported  by the strong position of Dubai, one of the world’s major capitals when it comes to luxury, and the gateway to strategic centres for jewellery in the Middle East, Africa, Central and Southeast Asia and other countries.
VOD was  divided  into four areas  as  Global Brands, that are recognised and appreciated at international level for their experience in setting trends and creating high fashion,  Fine Jewellery and  National Pavilions, where visitors will find companies and artisans showcasing jewellery of the finest quality, Gemstones and  Diamonds, dedicated to businesses selling certified precious stones, Packaging and  Supply, which   featured experts in packaging and visual merchandising, together with businesses specialising in machinery, technologies, and the development of new solutions for jewellery production.

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