Discount offers galore for dates to meet Ramadan demand

 20 May 2017 - 23:38

Discount offers galore for dates to meet Ramadan demand
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By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

Hypermarkets, retail shops and sweet shops in the country have launched attractive offers on dates to meet growing demand during the holy month of Ramadan.

Dates, considered an essential item for breaking the fast, are being sold at almost all markets and with discount offers.

The Lulu Hypermarket has a wide range of offers on dates which include Siafa (dates Mabroom) 400gm for QR27, Siafa (dates Khudri) 400gm for QR14, Siafa (dates Sagai) 400gm for QR20.50, Siafa (Safawi) 400gm for QR21, Date crown (Lulu 1kg+Fard 250gm) for QR21, date crown (Lulu pouch) of 500gm for QR11.50, date crown (Kheneizi pouch) of 500gm for QR11.25, Al Kharj Saudi dates 1kg for QR19.50, Al Kharj Madeena dates 850gm for QR47.50, Al Kharj dates with nuts 250gm for QR18.25, Al Kharj dates with chocolate QR32.75 and Al Kharj Ajwa dates for QR75.

Dates which are in the daily price list of the Ministry include dates from Iran at QR8.50 per kg and dates from Iraq at QR6per kg at Lulu hypermarket.

A customer at Lulu Hypermarket said: “Ramadan is the time for dates' maximum consumption and Lulu has amazing offers at reasonable prices. Therefore, we are stocking up for Ramadan. As hypermarkets are very busy during the days of Ramadan, we prefer availing these offers well before time.”

The Batteel Bakery also offers a variety of box of dates, mostly used as Ramadan Kareem gift boxes by customers. They offer many types of boxes with varying types of dates inside. Stuffed dates rectangular golden brown box for QR175, stuffed dates box for QR350, plain dates box for QR325,stuffed dates box for QR250, plain dates golden plate box for QR230 and plain dates square box dark brown for QR120.

The Grand Mart also offers dates at reasonable prices. These offers include Al Alwani brown chocolate coated dates 115gm for QR13, Khalas dates 1kg for QR11, dates from Tunisia 500gm for QR12, Nafco barni dates 1kg for QR9.50, QT Tunisia dates 250gm for QR6.50 and Al Mohamadia dates Khordi of 400gm for QR15.

While fasting regularly, people can develop mild health problems such as headaches, low blood sugar and lethargy, and dates are an excellent source of fiber, sugar, magnesium, potassium, and carbohydrates, which will aid the body in maintaining health.

The carbohydrates found in dates also make the fruit a slower digesting food, much better than fried or fatty foods which digest fast.